Monday, June 06, 2005

Going Overboard

I was so pump up with my experience last week that I think went overboard this weekend with talking to every woman I saw, which is not that bad because at least I was approaching with the mindset to see what would happen, but I was also approaching everything that past by. I really did not have an endgame in mind.

I was finally able to get the courage to use my own material and tweak will in a set, but it didn't feel natural. I think I need to get use to using my own routines in order to become comfortable.

So what did I learn:
1. Settle down and choose target
2. Work out a full routine
3. I don't have to talk to every woman in a bar
4. Always close no matter what
5. Fake be comfortable until I do feel comfortable


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think you did a great thing.

You probably got rid of approach anxiety and don't have much trouble opening a girl you like, now.

Eek said...

I also think you did a great thing, and that you should keep doing it for a while.

Make this state available to you at will. Talking to everybody is known as "short set method", and it's really really useful - you get a ton of social proof, and you get to have a good time.

I think you're better where you are than where you're trying to go - I like point 2 and 5, and I'm neutral to point 3 (you don't HAVE to, yet doing so IS a well known seduction method, and targets will "present themselves" if you do this right). I dislike 1 and 4; short sets are important, and trying to close all the time gets in the way of being outcome-independent.