Wednesday, June 08, 2005

First Street Success

I think my brain is fried or steamed. The heat and humidity has gone crazy here in DC, perhaps this why I have become so active. I actually, had some success today on the street. It was really out character for me. It was rapid fire. I was at a crosswalk waiting for the walk signal, a cute brunette walked up. I smiled, she smiled. I introduce myself and she introduce herself (BNickki). I ask if she wanted to grab something cold to drink, she said yes. We went to Jamba Juice, grab two smoothies (we paid separately). I played the my own style of a guessing game, I just made up random wild assumptions about her which had her laughing. After about ten minutes, I said "Well, I gotta get back to work. I'm free on Sunday for brunch", to which she gave me a playful look and said "Well, I really don't know" to which I replied "Well, ok, nice chatting with you and walked away". She jumped up and and grab my arm and said "Hold on, do you have my pen?", I gave her my pen and she wrote her number down on a napkin and gave it to me. Then I looked her in the eyes and said, "You not going to flake on me, if I call you". She smiled and crossed her heart and said, "I promise". We exchanged goodbyes and I went back to work.

At least from my perspective, everything went well. But how I open my mouth to say hi, I don't know where that came from. I guess it was because we exchanged smiles and I took the initiative. Also, I realize that all the reading I have been doing has begun to sink in along with my practicing. Anyway, not a bad day.


Lifestyle With BG said...

Incredible :)

Cool stuff man, this sounds soooo smooth!!

kob said...

Great post! Well told story, really.