Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Just when you thought you were out...

Last week, I was really tough on myself for set backs. I think I might have gain back some confidence over the weekend. It is amazing at happens when you begin to put yourself out there and make not only a jump start in PUA, but in your general social life. I invited several people out on Friday night each group of people where someone I knew some other part of my life - university, gym, current job, grad school, and past jobs. Talking about worlds colliding. Anyway, by introducing people 16 people to each kind got me out my inner state and loosen me up for the evening. While my first two openings were throw aways, they actually went pretty well, but I did not try for number closes. My next five openings where I number closed, I got two numbers, one email, and two I ejected because they started to give me the 'well, I ....', I just said 'nice meeting ya' and jetted by back to my friends.

So what did I learn? Go out with a group of friends - men and women, it can get you in social mood. A drink can actually last an hour if you keep adding soda to it. Do not hover over anyone, just open if not move on. Things that you think might not work actually do such as: 'You know it's kinda rude to not ask how someone how they are doing after just ask you'. No matter what, in any approach you are alone.

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