Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hmmm...Maybe it's the heat

On my way to work today, there was a gorgeous (in the face, but big in thighs) woman standing outside the building, I walked up to her, said good morning, introduce myself; she reciporcated with a greeting and her name then ask where Starbucks was. I responded, "Right around, the corner, if you give me a minute to put my bags away, I'll walk you over there". Then I opened the building door for her, she entered I said hello to the security woman, walked to the elevator, let my mystery woman enter, then I enter. All the while, she is talking about how nervous she is about her interview later this morning, we enter my office, I put my stuff away and we head to Starbucks, I grab a coffee we chit chat a bit, she gives me her number and I head back to the office. <--- ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? It can't be that simple and easy.

So of course, I tested it again. I was heading to lunch with co-workers as we approach the door to the restaurant, a cute Ethiopian was looking at me while talking to her friend (male); I walked up to her look at her friend and said 'excuse me' to him, introduce myself to her, she introduce herself and her friend, I said 'Look, it was great to meet ya, but I gotta back to my co-workers, what's the best way to contact you?' She rips out a business card and says 'give me a call maybe we can do lunch'. I said 'I have to check my schedule and get back to you' and said my goodbyes to both of them. COMMON ON NOW !!!

I was standing in line at Rite-Aid and the girl behind me was some small hottie from King Cove (Do you know where King Cove is? The outskrits of Alaska - almost Russia). Once again, I introduce myself and she introduce herself. We begin talking about how hot it which lead to let's get some ice cream which lead to me knowing where King Cove is and her phone number.

Three unintended sucesses today. Now, I did approach eleven other women with just an introduction, they led to brief conversations and died or we just said our goodbyes or have a nice day. Also, I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest during each of these approaches and a freaking rush after each one. But what has not gotten out of my mind is, it can't be this freaking easy to talk to good-looking women. It could be the sunlight and heat. But anyway, it gives me hope, because I have to work and can't play most week nights so playing in the day might be an option for me. Who knows?

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The Asian Playboy said...

Very nicely done... One wonders that MAYBE you could have escalated with the chick that you actually PULLED to your place... Hmmm...

Anyways, I don't do any daytime game at all, preferring the nightlife, but well done, well done indeed.

PS You have been linked.