Friday, June 17, 2005

Clarity or BS ???

So yesterday, I did well for myself. Not because of the numbers I got, but because I got numbers, responses, and rejections from women I wanted and plus it was daytime.

So how did this carry over to the night? MB, a good friend of mine, a good prop and wingman, force me to go out. My AFC ways were creeping back inside of me saying stay at home you did well today, relax a little. As that as hit mind, I got off my ass and hit the shower.

MB and I hit Blue Gin in Georgetown. It was not as packed as most place are on Thursdays in DC, but the majority of the women upstairs are outstanding in looks. So we manuver our way to the middle of the bar, grab a drink, scan the room, talk some work bullshit. I start talking to these blonde standing next to me. My basic routine, "Hi, I'm ...". She looks at me and walks away. I say, "Awesome" really loud. She turns glares and continues to walk away. MB cracks up and says, "There was something wrong with her head anyway". (HBMessed upHead)

Three good-looking Arabic women walk and order drinks and I go into my basic routine again, they introduce themselves - HBSalma, HBNeda, & HBSara and I introduce in MB for some reason I go into thong routine using MB as the guy in the routine, which is hilariuos because MB is a muscle pack model so he's blushing but playing along and the girls dying and asking us all kinds of questions and it leads us into all kinds of other convos. The problem I was having was I could not make up my mind which one to isolate and also my inner AFC keeping roaring and saying "they are only hear for MB". I don't know if it was intentionally or my inner AFC trying to shoot myself in the foot, I neg HBSara with "You're too tall for me to date" to which she responded "I'm taller than most men I date, you'll get use to it". HBNeda interrupts us says they have to go meet their friends, HBSara gives me her number, HBSalma gives MB her number, we all say our goodbyes, lots of hugging and kissing, and I got a quick peck on the lips from HBSara.

MB and I grab another drink, talk about what just happen, and give each other shit. HBMessedupHead returns with some drunk corporate asshole who kissing her ass. They tried squeeze through MB and I to get to the bar. The guy is looking at me like I am suppose to get out of his fucking way. I nod at him extend my hand to and said 'Hi, I'm ..." which for some reason fuck him up because he comes out of his trance and is I'm blah,blah,blah. HBMessedupHead grabs him and says "Don't talk to those guys" and pulls him to the other side of the bar.

It's 11:30pm. The drunks from Happy Hour are gone. The drunks from dinner are gone. The music is starting to pickup. People are talking and dancing. MB and I are bullshitting with the hot ass bartender, she talking about how she use to model and thanks to all the pua reading I have been doing I'm laying into her with 'What type of model? A hand model?'. This girl look at me like either I did not understand what she was saying or that she could not believe that I would think so she could not be some swimsuit model. She pours us a shot and MB and I cheering the up with her. A bunch of well-dress guys roll-up and HBBartender is busy pouring drinks. MB looks at me and saids "You idiot! What type of model did you think she is?" and he's pissed so his accent is now thick and I'm dying laughing which is makes him start cursing in some slavic language. And then this girl in turqoise walks by to which I stop laughing and he stops cursing and we both just smile as her continues on her way.

I look across the bar. I'm looking at women. There's not one I don't want to talk. The music has people dancing. Groups of men are in corners or hurdling around some girls watching them shake their ass. I'm actually reading the room all it's contents I see it all I know everything that's going on. My freaking confidence is through the roof, not the drunk confidence of I'm going to talk to this girl, but confidence that this girl is trying to prove herself to me. This is my moment of clarity. Or it could be just euforia from having such a good day or some bullshit like that. MB ask me what's up with me, he says that I have change. I say I'm just trying to make some changes in my life.


Lifestyle With BG said...

Hey man.

I don't know if you realize this, but you're REALLY good. Maybe from your frame it seems like you're not 'great' or whatever, but you're way better than most of the people that have been in the game for as long as you.

So keep it up :)

Commander SOS said...

I strongly agree with BG. You're good man. And your writing style is also tight as hell.

Btw, how old are you?