Monday, June 20, 2005

Biggest Lesson Learned

I forgot where I read this, but someone wrote: "Everyday you start at zero". Meaning no matter how well you do the day before the next day you start at zero.

I woke up start Saturday very happy and proud of myself. Got up and headed to the gym. In the elevator down, a cute red-head jump and nothing. I was thinking was ... what should I say??? While walking down the street people passing by, my head hung down looking at the ground. Thank goodness I caught myself doing this, I readjusted by posture and stride, play the eye game with passer-bys, and saying 'hello' to those who held my eye contact. On my return back home, same deal, I force myself to adjust my posture and stride and played the eye game. Spoke with with two girls hanging outside my building smoking.

Finally, I was feeling back to where I was on Thursday and Friday. It was an interesting transformation. It made me realized that I never realized what I was projecting before and that I have to continue to practice everyday or the AFC will keep coming back.

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