Monday, June 20, 2005

Girls, Women, Girl/Women

This weekend I observe a couple of things regarding females. I think DYD touches on the types of women that out there which is a good guide to the help you determine what's out there, but I don't think anyone as written on exactly how to approach or handle them.

Anyway, my simple observations are that there are girls, women, and girl/women. No matter what color, size, attractiveness, or age, females fit in one of these categories.

Girls, females who act like they are twenty-one all the time.

Girl/women, females who project the attitude and appearance of mature women, but whose over all personality is that of girls.

Women, females who are confident in themselves and their abilities.

What I found interesting is that approaching is the same for all. I always wonder if you see a co-ed how do you talk to her or a woman in business suit how do you talk to her. My brief encounters seem to suggest that it doesn't matter what your approach is as long as it not a pick-up line, it's the initial conversation after the intro is where you succeed or fail. I keep re-reading parts of Juggler's book for hints and tips.

MB and I ran into this Saturday night. Earlier we were at house party HBSwimmer was hosting. I was completely intimidated, but told MB if saw me standing or sitting by myself to embarass the shit out of me which was all too willing to do. Anyway, after initial intro from HBSwimmer, MB and I were on our own. I counted to myself, one, two, three, four, five and started walking. I had no clue to where, but there were two blondes standing by the sliding glass door talking; I introduce myself, they introduced themselves, convo on HBSwimmer convo on work, and I excused myself. I felt much better and relaxed after that so I went outside on the deck, there was brunnette standing with a drink in her hand, I intro myself, we got into a conversation about housing in DC, she was a real estate agent, anyway we converse for a good 3o minutes, your typical convo bs, blah, blah, blah, - I excused myself and found MB who was talking to some red-head so I let him be. I walked into the kitchen, there was seven people three girls and four guys engaged in random conversation, my first inclination was to rush to the fridge and grab something to drink, instead I took a breath and said, 'Hey All!!! I don't let me interupt ya'll conversation. I'm AFC. I'm just trying to grab a water from the fridge.' To my surprise everyone one began to introduce themselves somehow we all get into a convo about the NBA finals, MB walks in I introduce him to everyone, we excuse ourselves. He introduces me to the redhead, the three of us convo for good while the two blondes pass by I into them to MB now all five of us are just blabbing, joking, and having a good time.

Now, why I was intimidated, because these were hot ass women, smart, wealthy or about to be, and secure in themselves. The men there were all either extremely rich, climbing the corporate ladder, or successful in their own ways. The great thing about this party was HBSwimmer was inadvertingly our wingman because every room she went into the men would piss themselves to talk to her; MB and I would then introduce ourselves to the women that were now being ignored. Anyway, we stayed a good three hours, I managed to get 4 phone numbers and 3 emails. On the way out HBSwimmer was hugging me saying we didn't get a chance to talk, you flirted with all my girls, me, blah, blah, blah. I smiled because I knew she was trying to test me on something.

We head to Morton's because a friend of our's has arrange a dinner party there. We arrive talk to our buddy and go around the table introducing ourselves. DW has actually done a good job, it's a table for 12 and he's got everyone sitting guy-girl-guy-girl. I'm sitting next to cute Asian girl and a cute Spanish girl, both are friends so I'm engaging both throughout the whole dinner. We all head to Cloud for drinks. Everyone is blabbing and I'm observing these women, they are my age and little younger 27 - 33 and they appear to be these sophisicated women, but they are doing the whole 'oh my god' routine no big deal, but I'm just noticing the contrast. All of a sudden, Cloud is jammed pack and people are dancing and having fun. Some cute indian girl walks by I introduce myself, she does the same, she grabs her friend who is walking by and introduces her, I grab MB and introduce him. Then MB says 'girls let's dance' and we talk them both to the dance floor, not much talking just dancing and grinding, after a couple of songs we head to the bar, I annouce we are leaving, we get their numbers and head to Blue Gin.

We land at Blue Gin and go upstairs, HBBartender is working, we head to her, we exchange kisses. MB is hyped-up dancing and talking. Four girls walk in and sit down, it was clear that the two guys they were with much older than they were. These guys are buying shots, champange, and drinks for these girls like it was the end of the world. I caught the brunnette (HBSusan) looking at me, she glance down and boom I am gone straight line towards MB follows, I introduce myself and then MB, she shy, one of her friends starts talking to MB. I blabbing and blabbing she is slowly coming out of her shell, one of the guys who brought upstairs was staring over her shoulders so I introduce myself to him, nice guy didn't say too much though. HBSusan began asking my questions which put me at ease because I though I losing her interest level. Anyway, music was fantastic, MB grab me and I grab HBSusan and we all began to dance. The bar eventually closes and I get HBSusan numbers and MB gets one of her friends number.

It was MB who pointed out to me the variety of women we met which got me on this long post. I don't want to tell anyone how to approach or say because I have a long way to go. I'm just happy to continue approaching women and engage in conversations and try to get numbers and dates.

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