Monday, June 20, 2005


So I have been posting a lot about trying pick-up, I forgot the point, which is to actually get a date. I have made Sundays and Wednesdays my date days/nights. It seems to work out well. On both days, you have to stay in control because you have to work the next day and the dates can be short and sweet. Anyway, I read a lot of about staying away from dinners, movies, or concerts for first dates. Dinners are fine with me because it’s traditional and you can actually learn a lot about women throughout the course of the night.

My difficulties so far have been the first minutes of the actual date, not the hellos and how have you been, blah, blah, blah but getting the conversation moving after you sit down for coffee, dinner, etc…

Lately, I have been opting for walking along the waterfront and stopping for tapas outside by the water. It works fairly well, because by the time we get to where the bars and restaurants are, I have a pretty good idea if I want to continue or not. For some reason, I’m more comfortable walking and talking than sitting and talking. I need to work on that.

Whoever though of the end the date first routine is a freaking genius. I think that move has at least save my ass twice and screw-up the girls I have gone out with; they get a kind of what did I do, why is he ending this, confuse look on their face.

Another problem area has been kiss or not kiss. I go for the kiss for the fear of being seen as a wuss or friend. It’s amazing what fear can do. I use to be afraid of upsetting them now I am afraid of not upsetting them.

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