Monday, May 02, 2005

Slip, Thump, Ouch

A pretty laid back weekend, because I busted my ass on Thursday night. Quite hilarious, the end result is a banged up knee. Anyway, I actually opened on 4 sets of 3 Thursday night. The fact that I had low expectation that night made me push through my humilating performance that past Tuesday. I really didn't care what happen with the outcome. I have to figure out how to harness that all the time. It was a moment of clarity. Now, how the f*** do I get it back. I actually got a number from a babe - BNice.

Now, what I'm finding interesting is that I have met some pretty decent women and as I keep learning, failing, and in general having fun. What is the next step? Sex, relationship, and friendships. I'm tending to opt for more pick-ups. While my skills are not perfect and need a lot of help. It's starting to become addictive. My mind is clicking and thinking of new ways and how re-write others' material and apply them to me.

The one thing that I have resolved to make happen is find 3 SHB as friends, asap. And rest my knee so I can actually walk to the bars and clubs for Cinco de Mayo.


Anonymous said...

that's my boy!

Anonymous said...

I amogged you man