Wednesday, April 27, 2005

And I Waited ...

So last night, I hit three places which were pretty busy. The first one, Cloud, there was event I had to go which brought alot women so it made prospecting easy but opening difficult at least pua opening difficult, but because it was an event everyone had an excuse to speak to each other.

I spotted a cute little women about a 8 so lets call her BIndia. I was heading to the bar to grab a drink I notice her. She was with a group a friends, but I froze and forgot how to open to a group or just anyone. After I got my drink, we made eye contact and I smiled and she smiled back. And I freaking wussed out. It would have been so simple just to say Hi and chat about the event and move the conversation to where I wanted.

What pisses me off the most is that saw her later that evening at Citron with a guy who was at Cloud and was not part of her group.

So what did I learn, it very simple just freaking go and talk. I missed a perfectly good oportunity. Ok, that's enough of kicking myself.

Today, I actually took the next step and went from a smile and to the Hi, four times and actually got a number close from a nice little women from Spain. Let's call her BAnita.

Anyway, I should be out tonight, but last night kicked my ass and I actually have to work every morning at 9am. I don't see how some of these guys are out three nights a week during the middle of the week which now I see might be my fatal flaw because if I am thinking this then there's probably 100's of other guys during the same thing then I am and leaving alot SHBs out for the picking. Alright that settles it, I pick up the pace next week.

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