Monday, May 09, 2005

Moving too fast

What is interesting to me is how fast we can become cocky even when we have learned very little while I have seem some improvement in my attitude, my conversation skills, and over all behavior, I caught myself being an ass today forgoeing opportunities to open with women I deemed as not as hot or pretty enough. This can be a determint to my learning because each opportunity is a chance to continue to improve. While I know this, I can't help wonder if I am slipping back into my AFC ways. So this week, I have given myself a daily goal of 3 street openers and 3 location openers, which mean tomorrow I have to do six of each. Oh well, punishment for acting like AFC. Let the fun begin.


Design said...

No man...reframe: today you've rewarded yourself with SIX opportunities to improve your game, SIX opportunities to talk to hot girls, and SIX chances to take a hot girl home and make her tremble.

Anonymous said...

^ Nice insight B)

Don't worry. Every PUA goes through faces where he feels like an AFC. Where he wonders if he's falling back into the AFC pattern. Especially PUA's in the making.

This is because these patterns are not only psychologic, but are actually physically determined, because of the way the nerves and other shit in your brain is wired. This can only be changed by behaving in different ways. Ways that don't seem normal (to yourself) mostly. If you feel any of the following things (surrounding your gaming) your patterns are changing and that is GOOD:
- nervosity.
- uncomfortability.
- dissapointment.
- vulnerability.
- hopelessnes.
and any other negative emotions you might feel.

These emotions are the feeling of change! Not just a minor change, but major change, even on a physical level.

I just wrote an article called 'Smile!' on my site. Check it out, I think it can explain some more about this.