Monday, May 16, 2005

I have been here

I had a tough end of the week. I got slammed with school, work, and family stuff. While I did keep up on my approaches my heart was into it. I guess it is kinda like work or going to the gym, there are days that you are moving and making strides and there are days where you not really getting ahead.

Anyway, what I'm writing about today is an observation, I made over the weekend and it has to deal with SHB and AFC. Friday night, I had birthday party I had to go to, after the dinner we ended up at a bar. Now my co-worker (MK) whose birthday it was, is a great guy fun witty, just all around good people. My other co-worker (SHBabeNTraining), is a nice girl smart, nice body, and beautiful, the reason why I'm calling her SHBabeNTraining is there is a just a matter of maturity and confidence, before she hits SHB status, without a doubt she's on the line and she is starting realize it. When I first notice what was going on, I thought MK and SHBabeNTraining where having a little thing outside of the office.

SHBabeNTraining spent her time talking with MK, rubbing his back, interlocking her arms with him, dancing around him little, basically flirting like hell with him. MK gets up and goes to the bathroom and BOOM guys bounce on SHBabeNTraining, one guy sent her a shot, another guy after lurking around her finally started talking to her, she talked to him for about 30 seconds, she was not mean to him, but he didn't keep talking to her (interesting I thought, he must had used a line and then didn't have anything else to say). Anyway MK comes back and SHBabeNTraining is talking to a new guy and kinda stand dance (that type of dance everyone does at the bar, standing talking, a little swaying a little bouncing). Now, I thought MK was either going to join in the conversation or come over to us and hang, but he didn't he just stood their right beside her drinking he is beer looking at the tv.

It was at the point that I realized I was watching a bad replay of something that has also happen to me and sucks when you get yourself into this situation. I can almost guarantee he screwed up his first or second outing with her where she tested him a couple of times and he failed miserably. So MK finish his beer and buys himself and SHBabeNTraining another, now I'm screaming in my head - NO!!! SHBabeNTraining takes the beer and keeps talking to her new friend. Finally, MK moves away and in a surprising move MK heads towards two girls standing at the end of the bar, he slinks in and settles on the bar stool next them. So I think to myself, good for him.

Anyway, I'm not doing to well. I have been caught in a conversation with my boss and another co-worker who is married and everytime any decent prospects walks by she greeted with those crazy lusty glares and of course some smartass remark by the two of them. I hate being anywhere with married men, they completely blowup the playing field because they don't give a shit because they married.

After a few minutes, MK is in conversation with one of the girls that slanked over to, this is when SHBabeNTraining realizes that MK is gone or she was just being evil. She goes up to MK and starts grinding him from behind and guess what he starts dancing with her and the two girls jet. She brings him back to where the whole group is and continues to flirt with him and everyone else.

Now, what was surprising to me is that two of my female co-workers notice what was going on also. I turned to them and asked what was the deal. They said she was evil which made me laugh and I responded that they have done the same thing to countless men and they agreed but they said what made them different is that they never blocked the guy from trying to hook-up with someone else (I seriously doubt this). They also said that while they knew what they were doing on some level was wrong at least with the guys they had done it to they had some interest in and that while small there was a possiblity that on right night or mood they would have definitley hooked with them (which I also doubt) to which asked if they had ever hooked with the guys they were leading along even just kissing to which they both responded - No. ---> THIS IS BIG NEWS HERE !!! Finally, I had an answer to a question that I think all guys keep telling themselves when they know they are being lead along, if I do this or that she will eventually hook up with me. I forget who wrote but someone said that while we (men) see sometime logic and linear that women minds run in a completely direction while they say would hook up someone they are leading on, the reality is that they don't.

So how did the night end? MK drunk with SHBabeNTraining dancing with some guy and then giving him her number then SHBabeNTraining getting in cab without a single hug or peck on the cheek to MK. Me just drunk and horrified of what I had seen, this situation has happened to me several times, it was like watching a bad movie, it really hurt. I have always wondered if this had happened to other guys or was just an unlucky fool.

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