Friday, July 03, 2009

30 Days is Way Too Long

I have been kicking myself for the past two weeks because I have not posted anything. Mostly because I have not really been out.

Everyday, this week I forced myself to open two sets everyday. The only criteria were it had to be no one I had never seen before, at bare minimum I had to learn their name, and I could not open a set in the same venue/location that I had already open someone.

This was an interesting little test, because the unintended consequences where that
1) I was forced to actually go out to new places this week;
2) I realized that in most of my sarges I don't even know the girl's name until number close;
3) I get stuck in my head at the very beginning of the day and that outwardly focusing on these task actually were kind of a play period for me during the day;
4) My weekday daygame SUCKS (well more amusing that sucking);
5) There are a lot more HBs and SHBs out by themselves during the day;
6) and for some strange reason I found it easier to approach than normal (I think that this has more to with actually having a realistic goal instead of just going out to sarge).

Anyway, I got basics back down. And I'm feeling good for this holiday weekend.


Scarface said...

You said: "My weekday daygame SUCKS (well more amusing that sucking)"
If I may ask to you. Does your weekend daygame not suck? I never read you talk about your daytime experiences with interacting with ladies and apporaching them. Do you have anything to share about that too? I would love to hear it.
Bye Scarface

Pickup Artist said...

In respect to: "weekday game sucks"

It's very good though that you are picking up on this. Way too many PUA's think the game is about putting on their "pickup artist suit" on a friday night and going out and cold approaching all night. It is much better to work on developing one's whole persona and character and you would not need to feel any pressure to have to go out and cold approach has it just comes naturally.

PUA said...

Yeah totally agree work on yourself first and the rest will come naturally.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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