Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fate Fortune Seminar (Shameless Plug)

My friend, wing, and Stylelife Student of the Year is giving is his last seminar.

Here are the details, I have so far:
Date: March 27 - 29
Price: $300
Timeline: Fri. 7PM - 9PM, Sat. 10AM - 9PM (2 one-hour breaks for meals), Sun. Noon - 3PM
Location: Washington, DC (Logan Circle Area)

For details: Send an email to

Ok, why should you attend?
1. Fate knows his stuff. He's supplied a bunch of stuff for Style's company and even taught at Style's last workshop.
2. At the end of the day, Fate is just a great guy to just to talk and hang out with.
3. His seminar covers a mixture of techniques: Style, Mystery, Mehow,RSD, and many more...
4. He starts with the basics hitting every step.
5. The stuff he teaches comes from experience, including teaching you how to get better, not just what to say.
6. At $300, it's a bargain especially in this economy.

Ok, I had an opportunity to attend his seminar last year and it was incredible. While it is structured, it is open enough for you to ask questions and get great feedback. There is no hurried push to get through the material.

If you are one of the people that needs to see something practice up close and in person without a lot pressure, you will probably not get a better opportunity than with Fate.

So, if you guys get a chance drop him a line and he will be able to give more information about his seminar.

He's been with his girlfriend for almost six months, which is why he says he's not doing any more workshops after this. So if you can make it, don't miss this great opportunity, because you won't get another one.


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flirty said...

that's awesome. Hope he performs well

BoloPUA said...

I use to be in Stylelife too. Glad to see you guys are doing well and hope you're rocking those ties.