Monday, February 04, 2008

Why I like Kamransec ?

I was a bad wingman last night(Saturday). Bad is a nice term, I completely sucked. I was so busy trying to keep my two pivots that I forgot my boy, Kamransec. At the end of the day, it does not matter because Kamransec is Kamransec which means he is in set all the time. I even think he has body quadruples because you can be looking at Kamransec in the eyes and shaking his hand and then less than .5 secs he is in set.

As much as I tease him about it, he is getting better with every set; and I'm pissed because Kamransec gets better and I get worse. But that's just nature and guys will compete.

Here is why I will do whatever my wing Kamransec tells me? Because he opened a seven-set (two guys / 4 girls (none below 8.5) / and opened an 11) and held his own. Just to make this simple, he was the only guy to open the 11 all night long, plus get just continously plow through her sh*t tests until he decided that it was time to go home.


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