Saturday, February 02, 2008

Are you and my ex hanging out?

I have been crazy working this week, yet I did number close twice, once on the street (BTutor) and at the gym (HBTrainer2).

As usual on Fridays chaos with work happens but I manage set Fate, Kam, and Baba up to get into FLY and PLAY.

Anyway, I don't get to out until 11:30 pm, which is cool, but I'm about 2 hours behind everyone else who has been sarging since 9 or so. I decided to hit Blue Gin because I figured that since the House of Sweden's cocktail party was so overbooked (2100+) that Blue Gin would get the overflow. It was a good choice.

So the boys roll in, we chat and started to get BB messages and it's HBSharon.

12:56 am HBSharon: Where are you?
12:58 am Sniper: BG
1:00 am HBSharon: Why?
1:03 am Sniper: Because there are people here.
1:07 am HBSharon: Hmmm...really
1:10 am Sniper: The House Sweden's cocktail party was out of hand.
1:13 am HBSharon: Well, I'm home.
1:17 am Sniper: Ok.

So Fate go gets MC and his friends into Blue Gin.

MC and I are chatting and I get a slap on my head (not a good idea). So of course I'm like WTF and it's HBSharon. (It's 1:25 am)

Sniper: What up?
HBSharon: Hey There.
Sniper: So you're into stalking now.
HBSharon: (Giggles) No.
Sniper: Where were you?
HBSharon: Home, like I said.
Sniper: F**k, your fast.
HBSharon: Cabbies love me.
Sniper: Hahaha
HBSharon: Well...
Sniper: What?
HBSharon: What?
Sniper: Ok. (two kisses on the cheeks and one on the lips)
HBSharon: (tongues Sniper down)
HBSharon: Well...
Sniper: Umm... You're being weird. What's up?
HBSharon: Nothing

So we dance a little bit and go downstairs and talk to SHBHotassbartender. SHBHotassbartender pours some shots and introduce us to a guy who has been sitting in the corner all night buying drinks. HBSharon freaks out doesn't shake his hand. Tells me BS about how when I'm not around he hits on her. I was like so do you at least get free drinks and of course she like no (yeah, right). So now, I'm getting because all I wanted was a Dirty Martini and be in set with the boys. I move her back upstairs and MC is gaming one of the bartenders. HBSharon for some reason kind of give him a hard time.

Now, I'm like there's something wrong. How do I handle this? SHOTS!!! After a couple of those, things go smoothly. At closing time, Fate is about to F-Close, but has no condoms. (read his field report ... hilarious)

Anyway, so HBSharon and I get a cab back to her place. And she is pegging me with questions about where I have been, who I have been hanging out with. So I cut it off and said just ask me the real question. She ask me if I had been hanging out with her husband/ex-husband (I really don't know because she has an apartment above his). And of course, I give her this look like she lost her mind and died laughing.

I learned a very important lesson and it's old school... when you ASSUME (ya'll know the rest). But really, we all make assumptions about everything and those assumptions can be real or not, but until we actually take the time to engage in the environment without judgment, we really do not know the my opinion this is my own on again and off again fight with approach anxiety...I'm making assumptions without really finding out the truth.


Svie said...

I'm a recovering AFC in the DC metro area. I'd like to join the SLA lair. What's the owners email address? Do you know where they're meeting next?

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