Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Venturing into FLY Lounge

Everyone bailed on me Friday night so rather than do my normal club crawl, I decide to go to FLY.

It's about 11:30pm, there's were about three girls outside smoking and two guys in line. As I passed everyone, I said "Hey" or "What's up?" The doorman was not talking, just standing there. He let's the girls back in. The two guys in front of me where getting ansy, I do not know how long they had been. Finally, they leave in a huff.

Doorman: Name?
Sniper: Sniper.
Doorman: (Looks at his list) You are not on here.
Sniper: Yep.
Doorman: (Looks me up and down) Alone.
Sniper: Yep.
Doorman: Go ahead.

I'm not sure if there really is a list or he's there to intimidate people. I walked down the stairs. Saying hello to people walking out, nodding to others as I got to the bottom floor generally just greeting everyone which came within my sight. I have to say I was very impressed. The place was packed, but with the right amount of people so everyone can move from bar to bar; talk to each other; and dance. It had a nice flow. Everyone was nice. It kind of freak me out. I was moving to the bar and these guys either football players or former players were standing there. "Hey, can I grab a drink?" "Aw, sure man, jump in here." The bartendress (HBTalley) was nice and flirty. She gave me crap for drinking diet coke. I shot back with, "You, just met me and you're trying to get me drunk, bad girl". She giggled.

I leave the bar area and freaking smoke blast me right in the face. (hahaha) And brunette is dancing/jumping in front of me, she holds out her hand. I take it and we begin to dance. She was actually a good dancer. I think she stole my Diet Coke (hahaha). After three or four songs, we part ways. I walk over to the bar next staircase and there's this tall woman, I mean tall at least 6'5 maybe more, she was all smiles and dancing. I order another diet coke. A two set roll up and opens me.

HBCurly: Do you think my friend is cute? (Pointing to HBMegan)
Sniper: Um, I have seen cuter.
HBCurly: (Jaw drops, playfully) You're bad.
HBMegan: (Giggles)
HBCurly: Scrouch so, we can get a drink.
Sniper: You can't just roll up on me and start acting like your little boy. You gotta to pay the price of admission.
HBCurly: What's the price?
Sniper: (points to my left cheek)
HBCurly: (Kisses, Sniper's left cheek)
Sniper: (points to my right cheek)
HBCurly: (Kisses, Sniper's right cheek and pouts)
Sniper: Aw, that's cute. (I slide slightly to the left and she slides in at the bar, but I slide back blocking HBMegan)
HBMegan: (Kisses, Sniper on both cheeks) You have to forgive my friend, she can be bossy.
Sniper: That's obvious.
HBCurly: I can hear you guys.
HBMegan: (Giggles) So what do you do?
Sniper: Are lawyer?
HBMegan: Nope.
Sniper: A reporter?
HBMegan: Nope.
Sniper: Then why are you so nosey?
Both: (giggle)

Right then I physically get pulled away. It was shocking, but I had big smile on my face. It was Dominican. He was bring me over to the other bar for a shot. I had no idea he was there, he actually the bar manager. So I got tour of the whole place and met all the staff.

Eventually, HBMegan ends up next to me. We dance and I number close her.

The bartendress (HBTalley) who was giving me a hard time for drinking diet coke gives me her number saying that I should drop her a line anytime I want to get in the club. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

keep us updated man. It has been a while!

Donovan said...

Mate! Long time no see. It seems as though the link to my blog is invalid with the extra / (attraction-chronicles.blogspot.com). Even so, I'd love for you to guest blog on Seduction Chronicles one of these days. It's been about 2 years... email me! attractionchronicles@gmail.com