Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sensitive Men (Rant)

Sniper: Hey, when do you think they are going to come and fix my sink?
Concierge: I don't appreciate the way, you are talking to me.
Sniper: Um, did I yell?
Concierge: No.
Sniper: Then I do not appreciate you not answering my question. It is a fair question since I have been waiting five days. I did not yell nor raise my voice.
Concierge: I do not like your tone.
Sniper: Really? I do not like the fees I pay that go toward your salary when it is obvious that you do not intend to help me.
Concierge: I ...
Sniper: (interrupting) If you say another word that is not a response to my original question, there will be a lot that you are not going to appreciate.
Concierge: I do not know when they will up to fix the sink. I will send someone right away.
Sniper: Thank you.

Insurance agent assistant
: Who are you to ask for this information?
Sniper: I'm this asshole who pays $2000 a month for his employees.
Insurance agent assistant: I don't like your tone.
Sniper: Really? At bare minimum, I expect for my insurance company to have a little phone ettiqutte. I do not know who you are nor do I care, please put my agent on the line.
Insurance agent assistant: You do not have to talk to me this way.
Sniper: You should have some courteosy when calling a client. I will not ask you again, please put my agent who is your boss on the phone.
Insurance agent assistant: One moment.

What the hell is going on? When did people get so entitled? I am suppose to kiss someone ass who is being rude or not doing their job? When did men become so sensitive that you can no longer have a conversation? Is it the heat? What type of guy says I don't appreciate that or I don't like your tone? Who the hell to do you talk to you? ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

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