Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This Stuff Works

I am taking a moment to write while on the road. The past 16 days have been extremely busy, stressful, and fun. Two weeks ago, while I was in DC, I hosted a fundraiser that went extremely well, it also kicked me into gear because while I knew the majority of the people, there was still quite a few I did not, I had no choice to introduce myself and introduce them some of the guests and speakers. I had a blast. I left that night on a high, only to get home and find a letter from the IRS, which was gonna cost me a ton of money. I called my accountants and lawyer to find out what was going on and basically, my lawyer ‘forgot’ to file a simple piece of paperwork. FIRED!!! Immediately after I let him go, I pretty much realized that this firm was pretty much connected to every part of my work world. Oh, well??

The following day, I plowed through my work out, my work schedule, and went out and had a blast. I was so tempted to drink, but I didn’t, I’m glad I didn’t because I spent the next day putting out fires over tiniest things, but also because I was just plowing through approaches that night. I used the same opener (jealous girlfriend) again and again a sets to just opened up. Granted I blotched a few, because I was just surprised and thinking too much in my head, but it was a great learning experience. I spent that weekend in Phoenix and Chicago working and going out. I do know if I was being rude, but the guys I was out with were being lame just standing around so I just created my own adventures. I just kept approaching I made a lot of ‘bar’ friends and met couple of people that I would hang out with if I make it back that way. That weekend really instilled in me that all of this works even when I not completely in the mood. I finally came up with my own opener that has been doing well so far, it came about when this guy was trying to blow me out of set by commenting on my shirt, it actually sealed the deal for me and this girl I was sarging two Saturday nights ago. Awesome. I actually broke 100 approaches that weekend. YEAH.

Speaking of approaches, while it is still possible to end up with a 1000. I really doubt I gonna make it, but I’m still gonna try, but I taking off the site. IT’S DEPRESSING ME!!! Hahaha…

Last week was filled with me as according to my cousin ‘harassing women’ in Sarasota. Kind of interesting because I actually 5 numbers, 2 day-twos, and one kiss close. It was a great learning experience, I never thought I could do well with southern gals. But once again, what I thought was completely different from reality. That’s seems to be my theme for the past two weeks, all my worst fears have not come true. I did get yelled, but it was because I went into AFC mode and trying to tell this HB that there was bug in her hair (there really was).

SNIPER: (softly) Um, um, um, excuse me, miss …
HBBug: (loudly) WHAT!??
SNIPER: (smiling and looking at the bug in her hair) Um, never mind.

Hahaha… I deserve it for being timid, but I also laughed because I could not take her seriously with a bug in her hair.

I had dinner with the ‘one’ on Sunday. It is kind of interesting when you lose your lust and the oh, my god I love for a girl that all of a sudden you’re like what the hell was I thinking. She is definitely smart and beautiful, but she is so negative. I never realized that before, maybe it was because I was in aw. Who knows. We had a great time. Nothing came out of it, she emailed me yesterday thanking for dinner and a good time. We are suppose to have drinks when I get back this week.

Ok, I have to get back to work. I’m about to burn another bridge. Oh, well, the a**hole should have given me a bonus.

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Anonymous said...

Well.. as a matter fact, you could have made a neg out of the bug issue: "Do you always run around carrying a bug in your hair?"

cyrano K, fellow rAFC