Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Prize Thinking

I opened ten sets throughout the day. There was a trigger point. I was standing in line at Caribou Coffee. A girl glanced at me and I glanced back. I thought she was cute and also felt that she was really checking me out - I'm the prize I thought. I walked over and introduced myself, we had the quickest conversation about 45 seconds, nothing came out of it because I had no real plan.

I think I am like most guys you jump into this. Read everything and try everything. The thing is I have read some many different things that I really don't have any consistent method that I follow. Swingcat's book is great, but I think I read it at the wrong time without a full understanding. Yes, I'm a prize, but I am a man so I must approach. This is where I get hung up if I am the prize then why should I approach, why should I be social, why should I build/refine my identity, the act of doing these things actually means I am not the prize. Right? I do not think so. What I have come to believe is that in order to be the prize, I must do all those things and many more. It kind of like wishful thinking, if I do not take action then I can not be the prize.

So guess what I'm trying to say is action equals results.


AliG said...

you are the prize looking for an other great (female) prize. What is behaving more like a prize: 1. See how cool I am standing here paying no attention to the hot girls here or 2. I am a cool person and when I see something I might like I go after it to find out if it is something I like.

Sniper said...

Interesting comment Alig.

I agree with your comment.

It is almost like a catch-22. You have demonstrate what they want, but at the same time not give them what they want. You don't look but you approach.