Monday, April 30, 2007

Spilling the beans

So I have been on the road for the past two weeks, not all work, I went to two weddings. I learn something from one of the bridesmaid apparently at my friend's wife bachelorette party, each girl was giving a list of tasks to accomplish ranging from getting your picture taking with such an such guy; getting a guy to buy you a certain drink; dancing with a certain type of guy. I thought that was pretty cool, because it force people to go out and interact with others. I have kind of adapted to help me along. It's ten task a day mostly focusing on approaching. Last week it focused on field testing a new opener which was basically something like "Hey, great shirt. Did you make?" To my surprise, it actually did lead to some great conversations. I just need to work out the next piece to it, some type of transitioning.

In Phoenix, last week I was hit with some serious AA. And the way, I overcame it is probably not the best way but just let out in a scream. Not one of those brief grunts, but a long primal scream, one which you are out of breath when you are done. It seems to clear my mind. One tip, don't do this on the street. I just began taking a minute before I step out of hotel room and scream into the pillow that probably why I was out of breath. hahaha... Began meditating last Wednesday, after reading about it from Dr. Benzer's newsletter. Wow, it's a lot harder than I thought completely clearing your mind is a tough thing to do so many things pass through appointments, who need to call, what bills you forgot to pay, why didn't you do x, y, z ... But I do think I'm slowly learning right now I'm only at 10 minutes.

At the beginning of the year, I was whining about daygame. Well, mine sucks, but I'm plowing through it. I think the past year I was no focus on certain results versus completely learning the process. I have gotten back to taking it slowly. I have been trying to be more social versus more pua meaning focusing on having a good time than focusing on which woman to open. So I'm becoming that guy, you know the one that is talking to people in line, walking down the street, at the counter, on the metro; which I once thought was annoying, but it has actually open a lot of opportunities. I think gone back to do everything opposite of my mind thinks.

The crazy thing is I use to think that by drinking you can get on the same vibe as everyone it is exactly the opposite at least for me, with small amounts of alcohol I become quiet with large amounts of alcohol I become social, but I'm drunk; with no alcohol I become social or talkative because I'm bored. It's the strangest thing.

Ok, this is a random stream of consciousness post...

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