Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting Back to the Basics

The holiday season has brought a lot parties whether it has been friends or business. So strictly "approaching" has not what I have been doing lately, but Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to go out and just practice.

Here is what I notice:

1. I don't tell stories except to establish a point. They are not a part of my dialogue. That's something that I need to work on.

2. I'm not talking to everyone around me. I think this because lately I have been only in places where I know the bartenders and managers so I'm completely engaged with in the club social vibe and not actually approaching or interacting with people around me. I need to expand my comfort zones and try new places.

3. I'm going out with guys that only want to get drunk and not approach.

4. Hi follow-by a DHV works really well.

5. I have gotten bored with opinion openers. I can even hear it my voice. There is enthusiasm, I already know what I'm going to say before they respond.

6. No one talks to SHBs. (This is critical.) I wrote about it before; it's kind of freaky. Take one night and go some place where there is a lot people and watch the interaction of people and pay close attention to SHBs, you will see how crazy it looks to see a SHB surrounded by men but none talking to her.

7. Going out with girls, opens sets for you; but you have to be the leader; just standing there talking and not doing anything fun will decrease your value.

8. Go out like you are in second grade - meaning that you going out to have fun, everything is fun; your only goal is to have fun. "Everything that was funny in second grade is funny now". - Style

9. Practice whatever you are going to do. Practice until it bores you. Practice until it comes out of your mouth automatically. Practice your routines while doing the Carlos Xuma's 'Stare the Bunny' exercise.

10. Sometimes just being real or not completely running your whole routine or just using bits of your routines works a lot better than running your whole routine on each set. (Yeah, I know some of you will disagree with this statement.)

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