Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Beta Males, AFC, Other Guys Question

So there are a lot of tatics and techniques on how to deal with AMOGs, but I have not found anything about on how to deal with AFCs or other guys. I'm not talking about drunk guys or guys who actually approach, but guys who do nothing or as HBSharon, SHBBartender, and SHBSwimmer put it bar stalkers.

These are guys that basic stand around and stare at a woman, yet do nothing. HBSharon says the majority of the time, she'll never see the guy again, but that there are two that she sees constantly and it is always the same just staring. SHBBartender has multiple, but that kind of how she makes her money, guys go to her bar try to hit her, get drunk and stare at her. SHBSwimmer point one out to me on Saturday, who was just standing to the side of her staring; he went away to another part of the bar but continue to stare and not once attempted to speak with her.

I am not trying to belittle HBSharon, SHBBartender, and SHBSwimmer feelings or fear and it is kind of strange. But what do they do? Keep ignoring them? Try to befriend them?

What do I do? They don't want these guys around, so I can't try to incorporate them in a conversation. These guys are not technically doing anything so it would be kind of weird to get too aggressive with them. Or maybe I'm just being too nice about the situation.

Any ideas???


Anonymous said...

never heard of this problem. Not quite sure why its a problem if their not doing anything. Is it just the the women feel uncomfortable? If they voice that concern verbally, its a perfect reason to take control of the situation and venue-change.

Sniper said...

I was thinking about today. I think they should confront the problem,
if it really is a problem and not some sort of test. I remember being
in a bar in San Diego and this guy got in a fight because his
girlfriend or the girl he was hitting said some guy was creeping her
out. The more I think about it, I think it is some sort of test.

Matt said...

It seems like this really isn't a PUA problem but really the HBs problem. I suppose if she tells the PUA about a creepy guy then it could be construed as a shit test.

Here's the thing though. Most of those creepy guys aren't really creeps at all. They are most likely just AFCs that don't know how to talk to HBs.

If an HB told me a guy was creepy, I wouldn't defend her assumption. I would turn the tables and explain that the guy is probably a nice guy with no social skills. I think this would make you seem more like a cool guy then if you tried confronting him on being creepy, then you'd just look like an asshole.

Just my two cents.