Tuesday, September 13, 2005


So Saturday night, I actually hung out at Lucky Bar. It had been a long time. Well, after about 45 minutes, I was itching to go or start talking to people and not stand around and get drunk. That did not go over to well because MB had his eye on some chick and was doing his bruting model bit and my other buddies were happy with drinking and grabbing chicks to come talk to them which works so WELL.

Frustrated and not caring, I just started talking to this girl sitting next us.

Me: Hi, I'm (still don't have a new nickname). What's your name?
BNewYork: I'm BNewYork.
Me: Great earrings. They look Middle Eastern.
BNewYork: Really. I got them when I was in Israel.
Me: A friend just back from there. She brought back jewelry similar to your earrings.

She goes into detail about her trip and mention home New York, but she's from Jersey (the center of the universe) and we go into an all Jersey convo while having a couple of drinks. I made sure to add in a lot of kino (shoulder touches, hip bumps, high fives, knee grabs) because experience has shown me when you get into this type of rapid rapport building there tends to be a peak to which you have crossed into the friend zone without realizing it.

BNewYork: Shit, where are my friends?
Me: (Shrugs) (All shit she about to take off)
BNewYork: Come with me to find them. (she grabs my hand and drags me along)
Me: (Isolate!!!)
BNewYork: There, they are. (She waves to them) (They continue to talk to the guys they are with)
Me: (I pull BNewYork to me and kiss her)

We make out, make out some more, and more. We find a booth, order a couple drinks and make out some more. Then her friends come by, intros all the round, and I get BNewYork number and they leave.

I know what I did wrong. I caught a break because her friends were occupied, but I did not attempt extraction. I was too caught up in making out with her. I got her number and we talked today. It going to be interesting to see how I can get us back to the same level where at on Saturday.

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