Tuesday, May 17, 2005

When did I begin to speak like Elmer Fudd?

So last night, I re-read The Art of Approaching and Situational Opener. Now, I understand why I was giving myself goals and why I sometimes I felt I was not making any progress. The goal setting is for progress and should be done in steps slowly learning one skill and moving to the next adding more skills to my toolbox.

Why I felt at times that I was not making any progress is that I forgot is that each day you start at zero. While you do progress each day you practice, the very next day is a new day, you start from point zero again.

Anyway, the readings had me energized this morning, I hit the gym and headed to work. Once I was set for work, I went next door to grab breakfast. As I walked in, I saw curly red hair and a nice bottom. At an angle, I headed towards the curly red hair and she turns, I smiled, she smiled, I open my mouth and sheer stutter came out of my mouth (kinda like Elmer Fudd). She gave me one of those eyebrow wrinkles and walked around me. To which I just burst out into laughter and so did the cook, the cashier, and the owner. I order my breakfast, paid for it, and took it back to my office.

This what I think happen. Nothing but lust. I saw something, went for it, and was shook at what I saw. I was expecting something decent or cute and got hit with something smoking and because I was running on pure animalistic lust, I lost control of basic human abilities such as: SPEECH. Also, I did not take the time to scan the situation at bare minimum the words 'Good Morning' should have come out of my mouth.

What was stranger than that, was that I felt no embarrassment. This is a huge step for me. Any other day, I would had been pissed all day long.

In fact, I had a pretty good day. I think it was because I read that your first opener of the day will be your worst and should treat it as a throwaway opener.

Anyway, the eye game I have been playing seems to have taken a step up. I have no way to account for this except for I getting more smiles and hellos from good-looking women, the big ones and decent ones are their eyes averting down.

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