Sunday, April 24, 2005

Week End Report

Well, it's been a pretty fun week.



HBBagels at Starbucks
HBSwimmer at Mie-n-Yue

Lunch with HBBlonde
Coffee with HBBlue
Drinks with HBMexico

Phone number from HBBagels
Phone number from HBSwimmer
Kiss from HBBlonde
Hug from HBBlue
Make-out session with HBMexico

Lessons Learned:
I have learned to embrace my fear and to continously blab about anything which leads to more diverse conversations and helps build rapport. I have actually to begun to do approaches which is my weak link, the whole embrace my fear has actually forced to think on my feet which hurts in some ways because of the stories and openers that I have taught myself never get out of my mouth. The most effective thing that I have learned in saying 'Hi' or 'Can I ask you a question?' opens a lot more doors than anything else that I have tried.

The most important lesson I learned this week is that rejection is not necessary the end of the world.

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Lifestyle With BG said...

Ah, that's a great idea! Week End Reports.

18 approaches.. Not bad, not bad :)