Sunday, April 17, 2005

Just Dance with Her

So I was chatting it up with a cute little chick (or I guest HBBLONDE as I slowly get the terminology) last night at 18th Street Lounge. How I got in this situation is that I met her at the bar downstair which was packed trying to get a drink. Lately, I have been just chatting non stop with anyone about anything. Kinda of a stream of conscious deal to clear up my mind and eventually get a target to lock on something I say and then to get her talking to give me some material to work with.

Anyway, I squeezed up to the bar to get a round of drinks for my friends as I get to the bar I get bump by HBBLONDE who is turning from the bar with drinks. I did an overexagerated crouch like she had just punch me in the stomach which she countered with while laughing "see what milk can do for ya" and with a wink I said while obliviously scanning her body, "Yes, it definitely done your body good" which got a great laugh from her and rolling eyes from her friend (you know the kind of rolling eyes that say that was complete cheese). So I place my order and grab my drinks and started towards my friends. HBROLLINGEYES was in the my path and look towards me and then back to her friend, HBBLONDE, probably to say something nasty at least that's what I thought in my head. As I passed I said to HBROLLINGEYES, "How you living?", which to my surprise got a smile from her.

So my friends (3 guys) and I head upstairs because downstairs was too pack. Upstairs was kinda of full but workable, enough space to walk around and get a drink comfortably. We shot the shit for a couple of minutes and then I had to hit the head. When I returned, HBROLLINGEYES and HBBLONDE were upstairs straddling the wall next to my friends. When I reached my friends, one buddies actually began talking to HBROLLINGEYES which lead to all of us talking, intros and all the ramdom small talk bs which last through a round of drinks. As all of this is going on the band comes on. It was a good jazz band and they were really jamming. So I was chatting with HBBLONDE and one of my buddies about nothing really but I was in mind sentence and HBBLONDE says "Wanna dance?" and I say "No, thanks". I don't know why. It just came out of my mouth and as it was coming out of my mouth time actually slowed down and my mind started to spinning. It was like No was coming out of my mouth and my mind was saying what the f*** are you doing. She then turns to my buddy and says "Wanna dance" and of course he says yeah.

So they are off dancing and I'm kick myself. HBROLLINGEYES heads out to the floor with some guy who was standing around leering at her. So I go roaming around for a few minutes saw an old friend chatted for a few minutes and then my buddies grab me for another round HBBLONDE and HBROLLINGEYES return and once again we all are chatting. I mentioned that we were thinking about heading next door to FIVE. HBBLONDE chimes in and says she use to work there and thinks she can get us in for free. So we all decide to go there and HBBLONDE works her magic and we are in.

HBBLONDE goes off and does her own thing and HBROLLINGEYES stays with my group, we grab drinks and head to the dance for. Now, one girl and four guys in kinda of strange but anyway there were so many girls dancing on the floor that it didn't matter. Two of my buddies begin to break off with other chicks and one of my buddy keeps groving with HBROLLINGEYES and me. Now, there's a pack of asian girls groving next to us, I manage break one off and we groving together then HBBLONDE hits the dance floor with us. After a song or two she leans in says "you are a much better dancer than your friend", I give her a smile and keep groving with her. Eventually, we (all of us) end up at the bar at this point I dying of thirst so I'm downing water and chatting it up with HBBLONDE. There's a lots of grabbing my arms and shoulders and joking around. HBROLLINGEYES is even enjoying herself.

We all head back out to the dance floor and doing our thing lots spinning and grinding with HBBLONDE. Unfortunatley, HBROLLINGEYES breaks in and says they gotta jet. HBBLONDE without my asking, ask for a pen and something to write on. I give her a pen and one of my business cards, she writes down her number and hands it back to me, says goodbye to my friends and gives me a long hug and a nice a little kiss on my lips, even HBROLLINGEYES gave me a little peck on the cheek.

Now, what did I learn?
I have no freaking idea. I did not open or use any openers. I was funny, playful, and talkative. I danced. But with all this said, I think it was at least for last night my attitude, playfulness, and confidence at the first moment that I ran into HBBBLONDE is what made it happen. I did stumble, but I didn't kick myself too much. I should have taken the opportunity to open on another HB at 18th Street when HBBLONDE was dancing with my buddy.

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