Friday, February 05, 2010

This is a "No Booty Dancing Zone"

No matter what day of the week it is, no matter what type of location you are at, there is booty dancing. Sunday thru Sunday in bars, lounges, pubs, clubs, weddings, house parties, concerts, schools, and even outdoors, there is booty dancing. It has come so commonplace that schools are even trying to prevent it at their dances. It's so prevalent that men just go to bars (not strip clubs) to see girls booty or even try to booty dance with them.

Seriously, how many times have you gone out and seen guys just lined up at the bar or against the wall trying to grind with girls? Every single night.

How many times have those ever gone home with any of those girls? Never.

Or even better, how times have you seen a guy actually approach a girl, dance with, grind with her, and leave with her? Never (There are exceptions to this, but for the most part probably never.)

How times has it happen to you before discovering Social Arts? Probably a lot.

How times has it happen to you after discovering Social Arts? Probably a lot.

Now, for a limited time only, if want to take a girl from booty dancing to the bedroom. You can learn all the secrets of the masters, just for $1,348.99 in easy payment or 10 payments of $134.99. Click here.

I couldn't resist.

Anyway, on serious note, I really don't care about this phenomenon, because it will always exist, all I care about is how to get around this stick point.

First of all, as most you all know, women go out to have fun. It's that simple. And we all know that we are going to be tested from simple to complex. And booty dancing is a test.

Why? Because what guy doesn't like a girl grinding her butt in his crotch. You have to remember women are out having fun so probably grind with a couple guys before you and will grind with others after you. For some guys this makes their night and probably get a number (a fake). It is a test because booty grinding throws you (males) into a sexual state and everything that know starts to go out the window because your basic primal instincts are starting to take over. To you, it's on; to her, she only dancing even though it's sexual. Essentially, booty grinding with a girl is the equivalent to making out with a girl in a club. Plus, if you booty grind with a girl, you doing exactly what every guy has done and will do in the future.

So what do? If a girl ask you to dance or girl grabs you pulls you onto the dance floor, what do? This simplest thing to do is dance with her and if you can dance or if you can only dance a little you can work this to you favor by not letting her grind you or simply just lead her or can even punish her for trying to grind you by pushing her away. The object here is to keep her chasing you or taking control of the situation and the lead the interaction to where you want it to go.

Because I subscribe to Mystery's and Style's viewpoint of staying away from the dance except for when I just really want to dance, I have been experimenting with a couple of quick banter lines that have been working for me.

1. This is a no booty dancing zone, break the rules and you will be punished. (Make the punish whatever you want. My favorite is a playful slap on her bottom.)

2. Yes, I would love to dance. (Hold one finger up in front of her and say:) But I not some piece of meat that you can get your jollies off by grinding up on me.

3. Are you fuc*ing nuts?! You're a little perv. (Said playfully)
(This actually came out of my mouth at Lima to this extremely cute Asian HB I was in set with, she ate it up)

Anyway, that's my two cents on booty dancing.


David Black said...

Never a truer word spoken. This is push-pull in full effect. Take on the role of the 'teaser' and all of a sudden she will be all over you. Sweet post man.

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Lucifer said...

I don't agree. Booty dacing can turn girls on. However, it works only in your favour if the girl is already attracted, both of you are having a good time, and oneself initiates / controls the booty dance. cheers

philosoraptor said...

lmao agreed. I grind with guys and it means nothing. I accidentally got so drunk one night that I gave a real number...he sent me a text with hugs and kisses. I was like...?
I'm not sure the rules will work though. I think it might be simpler to just avoid situations where booty-grinding might occur if you're trying to maintain some dignity lol

Anonymous said...

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Ms Veronica said...

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Tony D said...

But I love having girls run their junk all over my junk, and it makes me look cool to all the other girls.

But yeah, often the chicks won't give you the time of day once they've used you as a walking vibrator.