Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Unsubscribe

So I was going to thru my email this afternoon trying to catch up on the reading i had not done over the pass month because I was out of the country. Most of the time, I just delete them if the headline or subject does not appeal to me. This time I grouped them by guru, pua, school, or blog. What I realized is that 90% of them were just marketing with no substance.

This is a shame. Two years ago, the emails were filled with useful information, but now nothing. So I just unsubscribe. There no use of signing up for anyone email lists. What pissed me off the most were the marketing emails that I was getting from guys that I have already bought products from and guys who's private forums I'm on.

So here's my one piece of advice: Just Unsubscribe from any community email lists that you are on, they marketing materials only geared to make you feel that you have not accomplished anything and to promote the next best thing. There is no silver bullet. It's all on you, you are the silver bullet so stop reading this and Sarge On.


scarface said...

This suggestion of yours is Gold. Them are Trying to make you feel inadequate, presenting theselves as succesfull, and then trying to get you to make a buy.
Probably the same technique they use in trying to bed girls.

Sniper said...

Thanks, man.

Matt Savage said...

Totally agree. There was a time when I must have been subscribed to over 20 different seduction mailing lists and then I eventually got so fed up with all the marketing and crap that I just did a mass unsubscribe.

Usually, the best information these days comes from blogs anyways so as long as you have a good feed reader, then it really helps to de-clutter your inbox.