Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sarging Itch

I have been out every night this week. Mostly because of the convention watch parties at various bars. I realized on Monday that this was the first time I had be out completely by myself since probably the beginning of this year. No friends, no co-workers, and SLA guys. What I found out is that I had slide back into bad habits when I'm not with someone or a group a people.

Now, am I being hard on myself, because maybe I'm in search of that elusive perfect set. I opened 3 single sets, 2 2-sets, and a mix 5-set and number closed twice on Monday. I basically went with "Hey, I'm Sniper" - I have yet to figure out why this works better for me rather than a basic opinion opener. So my routine was open, fluff, banter, funny story, banter - I basically was going off the cuff which as you most of you know if ain't interesting you're going to lose the set fairly quickly; that's exactly happened with my first set, but I got the first done quickly, it was probably the fastest I have ever opened. It went like this.

Open bar door, see girl, walk over to girl, open girl, fluff talk with girl, girl starts to get bored, politely ejected. (Hahahaha)

But it was all good. And it was relief to get that first set out of the way. Everything went better after that, I was rusty and out of my element, I still plowed on and had a blast.

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Anonymous said...

Fair play for getting out there and your attitude seems spot on.

Going out every night is bound to improve your game, even though it may take a while.

A lot of students find that the first few approaches are just a matter of warming up, so not being outcome dependent definitely helps.

Anonymous said...

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