Monday, December 03, 2007


I had the opportunity to meet some of the guys from the SLA DC/MD/VA group on Saturday. These guys are awesome. I can't believe it has taken me over two years to actually meet people from the community, but it was a transforming event for me to see other guys in the field. I got lucky because most of the guys had just gotten back from the SLA conference and full of energy. It amazing to see guys open set after set whether success or failure it was always on to the next set or winging to help the other guys out.

Some of things, I learned Saturday were I speak to fast (nerves, I guess); I do not take up enough space; I need to smile more; I need to approach right away; and I don't need to be accommodating to women right away (force them to qualify themselves).

My suggestion to anyone who is doing this alone join your local lair, sla group, or any other program group, and go out with the guys. It was an eye opening experience for me.


Anonymous said...

hey, I live in that area too, when not in school. I'm kinda new to this and would love to go out with some people in the area over my winter break. What is the SLA group?

Sniper said...

Hey eXove:

The SLA group is a bunch of guys who are a part of the Stylelife Academy that live in DC, MD, VA area. I'll send you invite, if you are not a part of the Stylelife.

Also, there is the DC Lair, which is a bunch of guys that have study various methods. They have weekly meetings on Saturdays then head out sarge. I have not had an opportunity to hang out with them yet. The next lair meeting is at Chipotle Georgetown at 9pm this coming Saturday on December 08, 2007. You can also join their google group at

Anonymous said...

I won't be back in the area until dec. 20th. Send any info to I appreciate it. thanks.

T. said...

Sounds great, looks like you had a blast. We all need more constructive feedback like that.

Anonymous said...

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