Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random Saturday Night

I spent this past weekend working. I can't really complain. I made some good coin, a lot of coin.

I worked through Friday night and all day Saturday. By Saturday night, I was itching to go out. At the same time, I had to get up early on Sunday to work some more. For some strange reason, I had no desire to go to my usual hang outs.

I went to Lima. It was fairly early. Dumb mistake. A line at 10pm? Not! I would like those 15 minutes of my life back. WTF? I didn't pay a cover so I can't complain too much. The place dead because it is early I choose to stay anyway. I just plowed through meeting pretty much everyone that worked there. At about 11:30, it starts to get pack. I opened a mix set, it turns out to be a couple in town for a wedding, they were great people, I might even have picked up a potential client. The next set, I open was a 3 set, it was more of an opening/merge, because one the girls trying to plow her way thru me to get to the bar. I called her pushy and then we playfully banter away which led me to this 6 set of guys who were just standing around gawking and drinking, nothing real interesting there except for it seemed I had a crowd of folks around me.

At 1am, I think I made my first real approach. It was a 2 set, a red-head and blonde from a far they seemed to be HBs, they turn out to be Bs, but I was already committed, because I must have done something wrong, I thought was at an angle but at about arms length away, they turned a faced me and I opened with my t-shirt opener, they give me flack and I like it so we are all bantering back and forth. They were fun, well challenging, I found that interesting.

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