Monday, May 21, 2007

Impromptu Day 2

Yesterday was beautiful here in DC. I was hoping to get out, but I was working on a proposal for this week. I got a call from HBHatian, I meet her Saturday night at Chroma, she looked much better on Sunday than on Saturday night so I upgraded her from a B to a HB (hahaha).

HBHatian: Hey Sniper. What's up? We had blast last night.
Sniper: A little recovering and a little working, just trying to be prepare for the week.
HBHatian: I'm meeting some friends at Sequoia's, you should come down.
Sniper: Sounds good. I thinking around I should be ready around 4.
HBHatian: Cool. See you down there.

I went along my day not thinking much about it; got ready and headed down there. When I first arrived I headed to the bar on the patio and called her; she wave me over to her. I headed to her table. There were four guys and two other girls. I greeted HBHatian with hug and a kiss on the cheek during the release I ran a squeeze test on her hand and she sqeezed back. Then I did something I thought was weird, instead of sitting down I walked around the table and introduced myself to everyone. As tempting as it was to naturally lean down I stood straight up and extended my hand, interesting enough people stood up and shook my hand. When I sat down I opened with how did everyone know each other. HBHatian was friends with the two girls (BSunny & HBTiffany) and two of the guys, the two guys were friends of one of HBHatian's guy friends. Then we basically broke down into basic fluff chat ... great day to be out, basketball playoffs, random stuff, and people watching. It was actually nice.

After about 45 minutes of general fluff chat. I realized I was not prepared for this day 2. I asked HBHatian if she wanted to play Marry, Kill, or Shag. We started and were laughing. BSunny asked what we were doing when we told her she wanted to join in, so we let her. The two random guys left and went to hang out at the bar. (???)

After playing Marry, Kill, or Shag. HBHatian and I were in I guess comfort. Just chatting and flirting nothing too heavy, but lots of kino ... touching each other as we talked, pushing each other away as we joke with each other. Around 6:30, we close the tab. I walked her and her girlfriends back to their car holding her hand just chatting and we ended with a nice little kiss.

So I had a great time yesterday. I almost felt natural. I do think I need to come up with a Day 2 plan, a couple of stories, games, and dhvs. I think I got lucky for reason I just on the right wavelength

Anyway for the guys that live in DC, this was the first time in a long time that I saw numerous 10s, like most places you may see 4 or 5 during the night but last Sunday on the G'Town waterfront, they were all over.

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