Monday, July 18, 2005


I accidentally began doing something have not done since college -> the pre-party. Friday, I called a bunch of friends up to come over for drinks before going out. I made sure I had more girls than guys, it actually got my boys hyped up. It actually worked out pretty well and really got me flowing. When we got to Cloud, I was in a good pua mood just opening up to everyone. MB was out of his AFC mode (to be discussed in the next post). We were at the bar grabbing a drink and I said hello saying to nice little brunnette standing next to me - BEstonia.

BEstonia just starts chatting me up, she goes into a story about to two guys trying to talk to her and her friend. I wasn't sure if she was testing me so I let her continue the story and I grab her hand and took her to the dance floor. Into the third song, a HBPoland (BEstonia friend) comes over and starts dancing which threw me for a loop for a second until BEstonia introduce us. I waved MB over and he started dancing with us and I introduce everyone. After another two songs, I told BEstonia I had to go to the restroom (and I really needed to go). She nodded. I had no idea what that nod meant, but I wasn't going to let her stay there so I grabbed her hand and took her along with me. I go in the men's and she goes into the women's. When I was finished, I had no idea of what to do. Do I stand outside the restrooms and wait? Do I go to the bar? Do I go back to the dance floor? I decided to go to the bar as I did she came up behind me and grabbed me. We grabbed a couple of drinks and sit down on the couch in the front of the bar.

We get into some convo about kickboxing and started to play fight which made it easy for transition into hugging and pecks on the cheeks. HBPoland and MB come over and sit down. And we all begin chatting it up and joking. While I kept up the kino (handholding & hugging), I really could not escalate up to a full kiss except for kiss on the cheeks and little nibbles on the lips. So I grab BEstonia and took her to the dance floor, we got until this cool little groove smiling and laughing. When the fourth song comes on, HBPoland comes over with MB and says that she has to head home. So MB and I walked them to their car and we exchange numbers as Bestonia and I are hugging goodbye, we begin to kiss and then she jumps into HBPoland car and they take off.

I really don't know what I can say about lessons learned here except for invite girls over for drinks with my friends so my friends want be lame-asses all night. I also think moving BEstonia around the bar and getting her alone helped out a lot. I also took advantage of our kickboxing convo. Anyway, not a bad night.

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