Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Game (A Half Rant)

The Game by Neil Strauss aka Style is either loved, hated, believed, or disbelieved. Some have called Strauss a god, some misogynist. None of that bothers me except for when I get an email or an alert about The Game letting out secrets or putting men at a disadvantage.

So let's say that 2005 estimates are correct and that there are 1 billion internet users then the secret is already out but was it really a secret? Since none of my male friends have read The Game even after I recommended it, but at least half the woman I know have read it then it really does not matter because guys are not getting off their asses and even trying to see what the fuss is about. So from my prespective more women for me and the guys who are actually trying.

What happens if a SHB knows what you are doing? Um, you get her number, kiss close, f close, or whatever, but your interaction with her does not end their. From my naive point of view, if she's taking to you and rolling through your routine then it really doesn't matter even if she is baiting you.

Saturday night, my buddy MD and I hit a sports bar in Alexandria to watch WVU vs Rutgers. He went to WVU, I grew up near Rutgers. It was a blast with tons of beer and trash talking. It's crazy because when read some Juggler's, Style's, or Mason's stuff they kind of stress that when you are having a good time other people notice and they want to be around you.

MD and I end up with 4-set hanging out with during the game because we laughing and busting on each others team. The girls join in the trash talking and bantering bought us drinks and food. At the end of the game, when we were settling up, I asked one HB about her rings and then went into the Finger routine. She loved it and started talking about The Game and how she was wondering if girls could use it. I said I didn't she why not. Anyway, I number closed her.

My point here is that this girl knew I had did something that triggered her to remember The Game, but at the end she did not care. And plus like everything, people are always improving upon existing things. So I'm sure Style, Mystery, Xuma, Juggler, and the countless other big-time guys or even someone new will make a brake through and take this to a new level. We should not be worried about who knows because the information is all over the internet, we should be more concerned about improving ourselves or our individual game.

I still have not figure out why I get approach anxiety after weeks of approaching or I can't opinion a set with an opinion opener, but saying Hi works miracles.


Dorian Grey said...

I dont know why people get so concerned about PUA going mainstream. Look at it this way. Society is completely messed up. Relationships and dating are completely backward. Women are always bitching about how guys act, commitment, honesty, relationships and all of that. Anyone who knows anything about PUA knows that women appreciate a man who is confident takes charge. This is essentially what PUA has given me. The confidence and ability to take charge of interactions with women. Looking at it from a societal point of view if every guy at least knew some of this stuff relationships would be sooooo much easier, women would be happier with their bfs and husbands, divorce rates would drop. Children would have confident take charge fathers to provide a positive male romodel. Businesses would have confident take charge male employees who had disipline and people skills who could take charge in a business setting.

What so horrible about that? Imagine the opportunities? Blowing guys out of sets for using opinion openers and beginner PUA stuff...

The theory is whats important. Who knows if this goes really mainstream the next big opener may be "Hello, I am a pick up artist, I understand women, wanna fuck?"


Unknown said...

I reviewed this book earlier this month.

I think too many people are assuming it's the 'de facto' standard and not seeing it for what it actually is; a man's journey through the pickup world and his transformation.

I don't agree with all of his techniques because I beleive too many of them are canned, but he does include a wide range of knowledge from different PUAs.