Thursday, November 09, 2006

PUA moments on the road

Whew!!! Back in DC for a while, now. I made some coin and my clients did very well. Go Dems! Ok, enough work talk. Here's a some PUA moments from the campaign trail.

Best Alpha Male Moment
CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Why didn't you tell me that the reporters were going to be there?
AFCPressAssistant: Don't raise your at voice at me.
CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Where are you from?
AFCPressAssistant: Jersey City
CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Then shut the f*** up and answer the question!
AFCPressAssistant: Don't yell at me.
CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Get out this office.
AFCPressAssistant: Do you know you my dad is?
CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Yeah and he has maxed out. Get out and don't come back.

Strangest Opener
SNIPER: Hey, come back to my room and help me with precinct maps.

Best Opener
SNIPER: (Takes HBRutgers hand)
HBRutgers: Where are we going?
SNIPER: (Silence)
HBRutgers: I have to get up early.
SNIPER: (Kisses HBRutgers)

Living in my own Reality
HBRutgers: Did you sleep her (HBNYC)?

Living in my own Reality2
HBNYC: Did you sleep with her (HBRutgers)?

Best Lesson Learned
Sometimes you just have to recognize that is on. I kept telling stories and doing DHVs with some fluff for about 2 hours with this HB.
HBAlexandria: Will you just shut up?
SNIPER: (Kisses HBAlexandria)

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