Monday, November 20, 2006

Negative People/Moods

For the most part, I met some really cool and nice people over the past year so Friday night when Jackrabbit and I were out we met up with PK and one of her friends - HBNegative, I was kind of taken back. I think that I have been so engross in discovering me and generally having that I forgot how much negativity that people generally carry around with them.

Generally, I feel most people do not go out to a club or a crowded bar when they are feeling down. They either stay at home and drink or find a dark cheap bar and get drunk with other folks that are in a similar mood. Not that HBNegative was mean, but she was generally complaining about everything, not putting people down, but more of a generally whine about life in general. No matter what we did we could not snap her out of it.

It was kind of interesting how this affected the rest of us. I was annoyed, Jackrabbit and PK got in negative mood which kind spiral down as they kept drinking. I eventually left and went of on my own. I kind of felt bad, but I did not want their negativity to bring me down.

So was there more I could do? Is there a way to bring a group or person out of bad mood?

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