Tuesday, October 17, 2006


This weekend was my first weekend back in DC in two weeks. I have been on the road a lot lately, no real opportunities to pua or sarge.

Anyway on Thursday, Jackrabbit and I went to a birthday party of friend mine (HBMelanie). I have known HBMelanie for over 10 years, she is a very well educated petite extremely successful blonde almost a SHB. She down to earth and really sweet and knows she's a catch. Jackrabbit knew a bunch of folks at the party, but only knew HBMelanie in passing so he was doing his thing and I was catching up with old friends. Towards the end of the night HBMelanie and I were talking and Jackrabbit walks up.

HBMelanie: You're an asshole.
Jackrabbit: (blank stare)
HBMelanie: Just light me cigarette.
Jackrabbit: (Huffs, lights the cigarette, and walks away pissed)
HBMelanie: He's cute but young.
Sniper: Maybe you should find a different way of flirting with him.
HBMelanie: Naw, I'm drunk.

Throughout this whole 10 second episode, all I was thinking was I can't believe she flirting with him at the same time I was completely shocked that Jackrabbit actually lit her cigarette. I kind of find it ironic that this probably one of the most educational experience of my life. I knew she was not being mean, but flirting. I knew if he did not say anything he was toast and when he went to light her cigarette I was screaming in my mind NO!!!

Now, what would I have done differently. I have no clue, because this was so out of the blue that it shocked me.

Anyway, Jackrabbit is still pissed. I tried to explain she was testing him, but he's not having it.

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