Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I have been on the road a lot because of work and the upcoming elections. Last week, I was not feeling like myself even though I was keeping up with my usual schedule no matter where I was. Wake up, eat, gym, work, go out a bit, generally meeting new people, making new friends, being talkative, just trying to keep my progression going as I work my butt off. It was not until Friday, did I really notice maybe what I thought as may have be contributing to me not feeling like myself. It was very simple, it was the way I was dressed.

Up until about two years ago, I wore the basic outfit khakis and a polo in the summer, and khakis and a long sleeved shirt in the winter. I run away from this look now, yet for some reason I fell back into this old pattern of dress, maybe because it was easy. But Friday when I was getting dress at the gym, I was like this looks stupid. It was not something that I have not worn a thousand times before, but it was that it something I would not wear now. It's not me as I see myself today and it was having an effect on my personality kinda reverting back to the person I was before... just feeling miserable.

It is kind of interesting how something as simple as clothing can affect your personality or the way you feel. I don't peacock so my style is not extreme. I have traded the khakis for jeans, the polos for t-shirts, the long sleeves shirts for light weight sweaters. Of course, I still have my suits, you have to have a really bad day not to feel good in a suit.


Anonymous said...

Dumb question, but what kind of 'light sweaters'? Can you recommend any to me, or point me to a pic or webpage? I'd love to know how this looks because I'm trying to get away from the long-sleeved shirt thing myself.

Sniper said...

I have been wearing this mock thermal long sleeves and lightweight cotton sweaters from the GAP, they fairly cheap $15 - $25 and then for a little more dressier look or club look the Banana Republic has these lightweight wool and cotton sweaters for about $50 - $60.