Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First SHB Sarge

Friday night, I change my usual routine and hit Lima's. Of course, I was alone. It such an akward feeling being a place that you usually do not go and to be all by yourself. It's just weird. Anyway, I walk in scan the bar walked downstairs, I saw a bartenderess (HBPeru) I knew from Agua Ardiente, I didn't know she worked there also.

HBPeru: Hey, Stranger !!! (Leans over and kisses me on the cheeks)
Sniper: What's up?
HBPeru: (Fluff)
Sniper: (Fluff)

I spot this gorgeous woman, tan, long curly brown hair, awesome figure. I was literally in love. And I was off. I made a straight line towards her. I did not notice anything else going.

Sniper: Hi
SHBSteffie: Hi (turns away)
Sniper: Aren't you a real estate agent? (Complete BS because I could not think of anything to say, I forgot my opener)
SHBSteffie: (Turns back around) Um, yeah. How did you know?
Sniper: I think we might have meet before.
SHBSteffie: Oh, yeah. Where?
Sniper: Probably, Local 16.
SHBSteffie: Wow, I have not been there for ages. What's your name?
Sniper: (I actually let out sigh of relief and started relaxing) Sniper.
SHBSteffie: Nice to meet to you. I'm Steffie. (Sticks out her hand)
Sniper: (Shake her hand) Wow, great rings. Did you know ... (then I did Style's Ring Finger Routine) (She loves it)
SHBSteffie: You should she mind mother rings, you're think she has multiple personalities. (Then goes into fluff talk)
Sniper: Well, I gotta go find my friends.
SHBSteffie: I was nice talking to you. (Leans in and kiss on each cheek)

Not my best approach, I was basically on pure lust and I was not prepared. It was basically my warm-up approach.

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