Monday, September 18, 2006

Quickest Number Close Ever

Sunday night, I was at Mate near the Georgetown waterfront just hanging out with MB. Someone girl is standing next to us and I turned and said:

Sniper: Hi
HBLatina: Hello. Where you from?
Sniper: Atlanta
HBLatina: Buckhead?
Sniper: What do you know about Buckhead?
HBLatina: blah, blah, blah ... What do you?
Sniper: Hangout on the waterfront until it gets cold.
HBLatina: (giggles) That's your job?
Sniper: Until winter, then I fly south.
HBLatina: Hahaha... I'm a real estate broker...blah, blah, blah ... Do you have a card?
Sniper: (Style number close routine with business card)
HBLatina: Cool. I'll drop you line, we should hang out sometime.
Sniper: I'll check my schedule.
HBLatina: I sure you can find some freetime for me.
Sniper: (point to left cheek)
HBLatina: Kisses it
Sniper: (point to right cheek)
HBLatina: Kisses it, says Bye, and walks away.

Sniper: I don't know.

I have no idea what happened here. There was no planning. I was a little cocky. This went off like it was everyday occurence. Crazy???

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Nice! ^_^