Thursday, September 28, 2006

Birthday Week

I have had an interesting week. My birthday was on Sunday. YEAH!!! Awesome!!! I celebrated with a couple other September babies on Saturday, flat out drunk fest or while some time you just gotta let go.

So lately, I have been whining about working too much. The interesting thing is since last Friday, I have been working a lot and going out a lot. I have seemed to have found some balance in my old age, or wisdom or just plain common sense.

Usually, I spend the week working and doing daytime flirting/sarging and spending my weekend mostly practicing approaches and routines. It really doesn't do anything to accelerate my skillset. But whatever my skillset is it has greatly improved my life. While I might like everyone else inspire to be one of the greatest, my reality is I can not give up my life, well at least not yet in pursuit of becoming one of the best, but I can continually approved.

Anyway, back to my birthday week, lunches, dinners, and happy hours all week long most with women that I have met over the past year and half or so after learning about this community. I took a couple of minutes to think about it today. I have had a great time met a lot new people and made some new friends, let some people go, and even burned some bridges. The spillover has been in my career, I started a company that is taking off and doing crazy well. I'm making my own way through this world own my terms. Awesome, I think even with crazy setbacks like approach anxiety.

Well, gotta jet.

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday!