Monday, August 28, 2006


After whining last week about my progress or lack there of, I decided to take the hard-headed route and continue to plug along.

Something clicked on Friday, I think it was simple genuine interest.

At Starbucks, I asked the clerk about her bracelet and she rambled on; on the street ask a woman where she got her laptop case and she rambled on; at lunch I asked the woman seating next to me what type of salad she was eating and she rambled on. It did not hit me later, that I should have ad some pua things. Pua was the farthest thing from my mind, I was interested in the bracelet because it was my friends birthday, I was interested in laptop case because mine strap had broken on mine, I was interested in the salad, because I did not want a sandwich. These were questions opened these women and I had a good 5 – 10 minutes conversations with them that looking back on them I could have taken into a routine.

Friday night, I notice I was not smiling and I was not doing 3 second rule so I took a break and just walk around outside. I have you ever notice how you walk. I was dragging my feet and looking down… weird I have no idea where that came from.

Anyway, made my adjustments and headed to Agua Ardiente. Walked in and open a set guys. I asked about the Nats and they started blabbing, order a diet coke, glance down the bar nodded at a cute girl a B7.5 (Maria) and she smiled. And I was off over to her, I forget all about approaching at angle and just walked up beside her.

Sniper: Hi
BMaria: Hi (startled)
Sniper: You now those things will kill, ya. (pointing at her heels)
BMaria: (laughing) You’re right. I almost busted butt coming down those stairs.
Sniper: (laughing)
BMaria: What’s your name?
Sniper: Sniper.
BMaria: I’m Maria.
Sniper: Get out of here. I had the biggest crush on this girl Maria in High School. She broke my heart. I can’t even talk to you know. (back turn){credit: Mystery}
BMaria: (giggles, touches my back)
Sniper: (turn back around) Maybe I’ll give you chance.
BMaria: A chance for to what?
Sniper: To get to know me.
BMaria: (laughing) Really?
Sniper: It depends. So what do you do for fun?
BMaria: I read, blah, blah…
Sniper: So you’re not adventurous?
BMaria: What?! I am.
Sniper: What’s the most adventurous thing, you have ever done?
BMaria: (Tells a pretty good story about her trip to Thailand)
Sniper: Great story!
BMaria: See, I am adventurous.
Sniper: That’s yet to be seen.
BMaria: (pouts)
Sniper: Aww, that’s cute.
BMaria: (punches me in the arm)
Sniper: Anyway, I gotta jet. Tomorrow, I’m lunch with some friends down on the waterfront. Stop by if you’re free.
BMaria: Cool. Take my number. You better call me.

I take her number and bounce. I head down to Mie-n-Yue. Not much going on, but a ton of guys. Jackrabbit shows up and we head to Paper Moon. We basically just started talking every girl. There was no game plan, no using pua. Just your basically, hey, what’s up your name, fluff, let’s dance, and after our third set, we were pretty comfortable. I did more dancing than talking, but came away with four numbers. Jackrabbit had a mini make-out.

Anyway, my hump, my slump, or my whatever is gone. I guess I just had to plow through it. Talk about drain on self-image and confidence. Anyway, I know I have a lot to learn, so I guess I’ll keep on plowing.


Anonymous said...

hell, at least you toughed it out and ended up having a good time and even some digits. most would have given up and gone home. well done.

Anonymous said...

Too dense to figure out how to just mail you directly.

I'm in the area, if you consider Baltimore to be geographically desirable.
How can I reach you?

The local community seems to keep itself well hidden.

Anonymous said...

I liked the fact that you posted the full dialogue of your interaction. Goes to show you how a little prep and simple questions can lead to good progress. Nice.