Wednesday, August 16, 2006

2 Week Wall, WTF

I have hit a wall. For the past two weeks, my outings have sucked. The first week, I just chalked it up to fatigue or just being off. But last week, I thought had adjusted, I was wrong. Nothing is sticking. I have plowed through sets, I have drop sets, I have gone out sober, I have gone out drunk, added time restraints, taken out time restraints, add stories, remove stories, body rock, negged, etc... It's crazy. During the Style Life Challenge, I was on top of the world. Now, nada.

Ok, not all is bad. I have had a blast. I have actually laughed at myself, even laughed in set. I have made more "friends" (potential pivots).

Anyway, it's just freaking frustrating. ARRRGH!!!

1 comment:

Jane Says said...

I think you need to climb over your wall and just go out. It will all click again.