Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Style Life Challenge Update - Do Unto Others

On Saturday, the assignment was simply to give three people a genuine compliment. Fairly easy, but I notice a change in my approaches. Lately, I have been having fun with approaches, I don't know why. I think it is because I have had a shift. I use to view approaching as something that I had to do, granted it is something I have to do, but I was internalizing it, like it was a chore.

The Do Unto Others assignment also created a shift. It was really nice to see a woman's reaction to a compliment. Not your typically, 'Oh, thanks', but the kind of reaction where her face lights up or even when there is a slight blush especially when catch something that she was hoping or not expecting anyone to comment on. That in itself was fun, just to make someone happy by noticing something about them.

So why do I think I have had a shift? Well, because it is fun to throw an opener and while she is talking, I would say something like 'Oh, that an interesting blah, blah, blah?' They are usually very positively if you hit on something that she was not expecting to hear and then they go into a story about it and boom you're in for at least for a couple of more seconds. I think I just get a kick out of it, even if it's a brief moment that I made someone day or night just by saying something nice. Not because I wanted something but because it was something that I found interesting or amazing about that person.

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