Thursday, July 13, 2006

Loving Every Minute of It

What's up, everybody?

It's hot, humid, and sprinkling (well not anymore), but my clothes are still wrinkled.

Having a blast today !!!

Got up early as usual and hit the gym. Warmed-up, stretched, head to the smith squat machine (leg day).

F*** someone's on it. Sweet mother, who let you out of the house, WTF? This girl was strikingly hot! F***, I gotta through this workout. I walk up as she's finishing one of her sets.

Sniper: "Can I work in with you?"
SHBChristine: (Looking at me strangely) "Sure".

I add weight on one side, she sees what I'm doing and do it to the other side. I do my set and we switch change weight in between and continue. She finishes her third and stays. I finished my third.

SHBChristine: "Are you going to do another set?"
Sniper: "Naw, I gonna do single legs."
SHBChristine: "Cool, wanna keep working together."
Sniper: "Sure. Where's the board?"
SHBChristine: "I'll get."

She goes off and gets the board and I'm adjusting the weight.

SHBChristine: "Most guys would have gone off and done something else. Or stood there stare until I was done."
Sniper: "I don't have time for that. I got to get my workout in and in the order that I prepared it."
SHBChristine: (Nods)

We do our routines and a little fluff talk in between. We finish up.

SHBChristine: "What's your name?"
Sniper: "Sniper"
SHBChristine: "I'm Christine. How come I never see you here?"
Sniper: "What? I'm here M-F around 6."
SHBChristine: "Ah, I usually get here a little later around 7:30 or so."
Sniper: "You gotta get up a little earlier and watch me strut me stuff."
SHBChristine: "Hahahaha"
Sniper: "I gotta get through the rest of my workout. Show me some love."

She pounds the rock.

SHBChristine: "Nice meeting you."
Sniper: "Same here."

She walks off with this did he just blow me off look on her face. (I loved every minute of it. Hahaha)

I plowed through the rest of my workout getting those endorphins pumping. Leaving the gym, I'm in my on zone, knowing what I got to do, what projects to finish, and vibing, saying hello to everyone.

Hit the grocery store, because I'm out of food. Get eyed up by some clerkgirl, who helps find no salt potato chips. Get chatted up by the cute checkout girl who gives me her number because she wants to know how to marinate meat. (hahahaha)

CuteCheckoutGirl: How do you tenderize your meat?
Sniper: (???, Is she serious?) Lime, pepper, some Worcester sauce and let it sit.
CuteCheckoutGirl: So you marinate it? I need to learn how to do that? I get tired of eating fish and chicken all the time. I have not had meat in a while.
Sniper: (Holding back the laughter) Here give me your number, I'll walk you through it.
CuteCheckoutGirl: Cool. Thanks. (Writes her number down)

Hit Starbucks to get some work done. A business woman can't get her wireless to work, I help her and get her number.
HBBusiness: "Excuse me."
Sniper: "Yes."
HBBusiness: "How did you get the wireless to work?"
Sniper: "Do you have a T-Mobile account?"
HBBusiness: "Oh, I need one of those?"
Sniper: "Yeah, you can get a daypass, monthly, or yearly account. Grab your computer and I'll show you."

HBBusiness gets all her stuff and plants herself at my table. I show her how set it up and we chat about work and DC and drift off into our own work, chatting every once in a while. She gets up and heads to the counter.

HBBusiness: "Can I get you something?"
Sniper: (Smiling) "I'm not that cheap. You just can't buy my affections with a cup of coffee."
HBBusiness: (Smiling) "I'm just trying to be nice. I don't have to buy a man's affection."
Sniper: "Whew! Good, you know how pushes you women can be nowadays."
HBBusiness: (Smirks and sticks her tongue out at me) "I'm getting a Strawberry Creme. You wanna coffee?"
Sniper: "A Green Tea Frap".

She gets the drinks and comes back.

HBBusiness: "This does not mean I want something from you. Just, thanking you for helping me."
Sniper: (Silent)
HBBusiness: "I'm serious and besides I have a boyfriend."
Sniper: "He would not happen to be from the Greater Niagara Falls area?"
HBBusiness (Bursts out laughing): "No f***er (laughing), oopps, Did I say f***er? F***! Ugg, I said it again".
Sniper: (Laughing)
HBBusiness: "You know what?"
Sniper: "Chicken butt?"
HBBusiness: (Smiles and turns away)
Sniper: (Holy Shit, she's doing a freeze out, but she can't stop giggling)
HBBusiness: "You are trouble."
Sniper: "I hear that a lot."
HBBusiness: (Shakes her head)

We continue to work and engage in some fluff talk. I finish up my work.

Sniper: (Pass a pen and paper to HBBusiness) "Here, write down your number. I gotta jet. I'll be working from Tryst next week."
HBBusiness: "Cool. Drop me a line and let me know when you're gonna be there."

HBBusiness stands up and hands me her number and shakes my hand and says, "Nice to meet ya." I hold on to her hand and point to my right cheek. She rolls her eyes and pecks me on the right cheek and pulls. Still holding her hand, I point to my left cheek, she giggles and pecks me on the left cheek and says smilingly, "You're too much".

I head home and get chatted up by a crazy, but nice old lady in the elevator.

NiceOldLady: "Don't ever get old. I do things and later I have fix the mess I made."
Sniper: "I do that now!"
NiceOldLady: "Hahahaha!!!"

Alright, I'm heading to Border's to do my StyleLife Challege Day 13 assignment. This is going to be hilarious.



Anonymous said...

great're in the zone....

Lifestyle With BG said...

Nice stuff man. Good to see this shit. If I ever come to DC we're gonna hang out.