Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Sunday, Jackrabitt and I were down at the waterfront to watch the World Cup. We walked past this attractive girl seating having a drink, I smiled as I passed by. A couple of minutes before the game started I went back out and she was still alone so I asked if wanted to join us for the game, she said yes because it looked like her friend was going to be late. She turned out to be a pretty cool girl, hassling us, and taking our crap. Her friend (HBHolly) eventually shows up, she a little quieter, but just as fun and attractive. So we pretty much spend the rest of the day together and she invites us to her birthday party a Blue Gin last night.

Here's the kicker apparently she is friends with BMexico which I did not know so when Jackrabbitt and I walk in:

BMexico: I didn't invite you.
Sniper: I know.
BMexico: Why are you here?
Sniper: The birthday girl invited me.

BMexico walks away.

HBSanAntonio: Hey Sniper. (Kiss, kiss, hug) Thanks for coming.
Sniper: My pleasure. So where are your presents?

She shows me her presents and tells me who they are from. I take her over to SHBBartender and introduce them.

SHBBartender: How do you know this character?
HBSanAntonio: He started talking to me at the waterfront, we watch the soccer game, we walked around and talked and the next thing I know we are at this party in Adams Morgan.
SHBBartender: He sneeky like that and he just keep going and going ...
HBSanAntonio: I know.
Sniper to SHBBartender: Pull my finger.
SHBBartender: FU! I'm not falling for that again. (Laughing)
Sniper: It's HBSanAntonio's B-Day.
SHBBartender: Happy Birthday!!! It's time for shots.

We do shots and head back to her group. Jackrabbitt and I are talking to some folks we know and dancing a little bit with HBSanAntonio's friends, Jackrabbitt is doing a good job with HBHolly. BMexico is off dirty dancing with some guy. And the night goes much like talking, dancing, a little drinking for me, and a lot drinking for everyone else. I number and kiss close HBSanAntonio and bounce around 12.

I never learned what BMexico deal was. Oh, well.

Lessons Learned:
I really don't know. I was not expecting HBSanAntonio to accept my invitation to come watch the game with Jackrabbit and I. While I did not run any "routines", I did stay instead of the pua framework, I was kinoing a lot since the second she said yeah, I'll watch the game with you guys, I took by the hand inside, touch her (appropiately of course) as we talked, constantly tensing her, handling her teasing and test; At Blue Gin showing social proof, introducing her to people, always escalating handholding, hugging, a little pecks on the cheek, dancing, tons teasing. I think this was the first time in the past year that I have had an interaction where something that I had read, listen to, or learned from pua did not come out of my mouth. The framework was definitely there, the knowledge was there, but the materials were my own.

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