Monday, May 15, 2006

Prize vs Reality

Last week, I was re-reading parts of Swinggcat's book, Real World Seduction, it is amazing how after almost a year, I actually have a better grasp of what the concept of being the prize.

So here are my views on being the prize and reality:
1. You can't be the prize if you stand around the bar and speak to no one. You actually have to do something.
2. If you are really not what you say you are, then you are not the prize. If you're not a cop, but say you're a cop, it does not makes you a cop.
3. If you have any doubt about yourself then you just can't assume that you are the prize, because your doubts will eventually prevent you from projecting that you are the prize.

I think like most newbies when I first began, I consumed everything I could get my hands on without truly understanding what exactly I was reading.

What I have learned is that it is action that gets you results. If you don't like the way you look and you change it and you like it and you feel better that will be projected and help your prizeability. You just can't will or think yourself into being the prize, all actions whether going to the gym, practicing a new routine, or simply approaching a woman and saying Hi, increases your prizeability. It almost like all outer actions increase your inner being/self-confidence and from there you are no longer standing there thinking you are the prize, your actions have proven that you are the prize.

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