Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Practice: Body Posture/Body Language/Breaking the State

I have been working on my body posture this week. Chest up, long wide strides, being slow and deliberate, I don't quite have it down or really know what I am doing, but in the process I have noticed some strange habits. I yawn when passing-by women I want to talked to, I rub my right eye when pass-by a woman who I thought was cute far away, but not so cute up close. I slouch when passing by older women (60+). I actually lift my neck up when passing by taller women.

Now, what does this all mean to me. Well, I definitely have to maintain my composure. Practice, practice, practice. It also got me thinking about my posture and body language during sarges. I know that I have tendency to peck, I have been working on that, pretty much just leaning back on the bar or in a chair. What I have not incorporated in my sarges is body rocking, I guess I need to see it in person to really get an idea of what is all is about.

I have done a great job of breaking other people states, meaning you know when someone is walking by and you say 'Good Morning', but you don't get a response because you either mumbled it or said it to soft. It like any approach you have to go in with an higher energy than the other person. I still find it quite shocking that you can actually break someone state of mind or interrupt a conversation by going in at a higher energy than other person or the group.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'm hitting up Saki and Anzu's tonight.

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Anonymous said...

how have your results been at bigger venues like Love, H2O and FUR? You sound like you only frequent the smaller bars and clubs.