Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend (Friday)

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

Starting last Wednesday, old friends began popping in town and friends here planning activities. I basically resolved in it would be one of those go to a bar-b-que, go to a house party, and hit up the clubs weekends without much time to actively pua.

It is interesting how a frame or mindset, can have an affect on your game. I was content on hanging with my friends and running all over the place. Friday, we hit a small pre-party at my friend's place in Adams Morgan, just drinks and talking about old times then we hit Saki. We were an evenly mixed crowd 4 guys and 4 girls. You know how you are with your friends joking around and given each other a hard time. Jackrabbit and I were leaning against the bar when this girl just opens us, but it goes down fast because she went right into interview mode: What do you do, Where are you from, etc... It was non-stop. Now, I understand, why you do not ask questions like these, they are boring and there is a downward spiral until you run out of things to say which has happen to me so many times and it was exactly what happened to this girl. While this girl (BInterviewer) was cute, this 10 minutes of questions after question bored me. Once again, I now understand how you can lose value with this questions.

After Saki, we bounced to Steve's Barroom, which was quite packed we eventually squeezed our way to the bar, while Jackrabbit was getting everyone a drink, I asked this girl (BLeggy) next to me how long had it been packed like this, she responded for about a hour, then I ran test message break-up opener and she goes into detail about her ex did that to her, some how when get on the Sex in the City episode where one of the girls gets broken up by a post-it note. She said let's dance, we dance but was more like bumping off of people. One of my buddies grabs me and tells my that the group was going to grab a bit to eat and head back to Jackrabbit's place and drink some more. I get BLeggy number and bounce.

I had a blast Friday, despite the rain. I also learned a lot. I think that my mindset was on hanging with my friends relaxed me and I was able to naturally open BLeggy.

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